Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…

That’s what little girls are made of. So why shouldn’t they have a sweet room to rest the heads? Children’s rooms let you tap into your inner child and, regardless of your budget, there are ways to create looks that are very special.

Maybe because I grew up during the “preppy” craze and lived by the Preppy Handbook, my favorite color combination is pink and green.

Drool, drool, DROOL!!! The fabric on the chair is gorgeous! And I love storage – there is never enough – and dead space or under-utilized space drives me nuts! A window seat can be built with bookshelves to create a reading nook like this, although I would probably install a pretty iron window grille to ensure that there are no accidents. Maybe like this, which I found for $29:

But I would paint it white.

For the little girl who is a princess….

Color blocking isn’t just for clothes. And the art on the wall is something I think anyone could do!!

Little details make a well-designed room. The trim on this chair is a nice touch and one that can be replicated.

Even adding trim to store bought drapes, lampshades, bedskirts and sofas are a way to take a product that many may have and turn it into something that no one has…and that’s something you should strive for.

A beautiful, ornate, Venetian mirror!!!

Glamour with a mirrored desk and a floor mirror.

You may recognize this photo…see the little bird houses? Another Venetian mirror. I have one in my youngest child’s room just like this one, but if I had seen the other one two pictures up, I would have bought that one instead. The mirror and birdhouses offsets the sleek, linear and modern design of the furniture.

What a fun color! I love the monogram on the headboard and the height of the bed.

There is no doubt that this blue room is ultra feminine! It is simultaneously simple and luxurious.

This quaint bedroom has a nice color combination, but what I really like about this room are the high baseboards and bed.

Pale, pale pink with black and white curtains and a modern mirror make a little girl’s room that can take her into her teenage years.

Here’s a light pink that has a hint of peach. The gauzy panels of the canopy bed look ethereal and the bamboo furniture is something that could have been found in an attic or Craigslist and painted white for a new life.

This little desk setup could be used in many places in your house, which doesn’t have to be a set, just look for a table and an interesting chair. The paint will tie them together.

Having wallpaper this busy, it needs to grounded with solids, especially if there are only 2 colors in the whole room.

In looking through the hundreds upon hundreds of pictures I have of kids’ rooms, i noticed that I have many bedrooms with two (or more) beds. Is there a need for a shared bedroom post? Please let me know and if so, what gender or if it’s both. What about nurseries?

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the kind comments and encouragement. I sometimes fall off and don’t get a chance to respond to all the comments, but I do read every one! As with everyone, it is hard to find time to devote to my blog, but I feed off of your words and they absolutely inspire me to spend the time, try harder and do my best. For that, thank you!

I hope you have a great day!

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