Christmas Decorating

Life-Size Nutcrackers: Yes, Please!

I’m not a knickknacky sort of person and I don’t collect things, but…I seem to have acquired several pairs of three foot tall nutcrackers that I use on either side of our fireplaces. Well, imagine my delight when I happened upon some life-sized nutcrackers! And, I was with one (of two) of the worst influences ever – one of my children! Why I even bothered asking the rhetorical question, “Should we ...

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DIY $1 Nutcracker Ornaments

Ornaments can be crazy expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a skimpy tree or a tree full of balls; it just means you need to have your eyes open. The Dollar Tree has adorable 8″ nutcrackers for $1 that I have made into ornaments that look gorgeous on my nine foot tree. And if the stigma of something from a Dollar Store gives you pause, bear in ...

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What To Do for a Child’s December Birthday Party

If you have a child that is born in December, celebrating with a party can be quite a challenge. Before I had children, one of my friends told me that children’s parties were very “competitive” these days, which at the time struck me as odd and I thought that he may be exaggerating. Nope. He was right … or maybe it’s just here. My children are invited to parties with ...

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All About Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments play a major role in many Christmas celebrations. They can be used to represent religious beliefs or family history. They also come in a variety of forms. Some families collect ornaments such as Snowbabies during their travels. Others purchase personalized ornaments in celebration of milestones like births or anniversaries. Stained Christmas Tree Ornaments Stained glass ornaments are elegant Christmas tree decorations that reflect light and add sparkle. These DIY ornaments are a ...

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