Dining Room

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Tips to Get best dining room designs

When it comes to enjoying your meal with your friends, relatives, and your loved ones then you should have a perfect dining table that will fit according to your lifestyle. As perfect dining room will offer you a lot of contentment and facilities also. So you can enjoy your meal with sitting your loved ones even. It is a room that is more useful as a comparison to other ...

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How to Make Fancy Cornice Boards

So overdue with this post, but between my lack of photographic ability, my inability to find my camera (!!!), my little imps requiring my attention, my suspicion that my imps may have had something to do with the loss of the camera and life in general, it has been a difficult post! If you remember, I created these cornices for my daughter’s room: It’s an easy do it yourself project that I ...

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Mid-Century Make Over in Georgetown

Georgetown, DC has many historic homes, but this townhouse, recently profiled in House Beautiful and designed by Hillary Thomas and Jeff Lincoln, was built in the 1960s. Since it was in my neck of the woods, I was very interested in the home. While some rooms I found a little “busy” for my personal taste, the home had some ravishing rooms as well. I thought you might enjoy looking at it as ...

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Prince of Darkness

Ozzy Osbourne’s house was put up for sale several months ago, which gives us a look inside his house, designed by Sharon Osbourne’s favorite designer, author, and star of the one time show Million Dollar Decorators, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. I don’t know what their house looked like in the height of Ozzy’s fame, but this is a far cry from what I would expect, although if you watched the MTV show, The Osbournes, ...

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DIY Ornate Door Pilasters

After we did our kitchen door pilasters, which were actually more difficult and our first time attempting door surrounds, we felt we had the hang of it. So you can imagine what crossed my mind. Yep, let’s rip them all down! Great idea, right? It was…until children came along and threw a wrench in my grandiose plans of custom molding everywhere! I think my husband thought the children would be less ...

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