All About Christmas Ornaments


Ornaments play a major role in many Christmas celebrations. They can be used to represent religious beliefs or family history.

They also come in a variety of forms. Some families collect ornaments such as Snowbabies during their travels. Others purchase personalized ornaments in celebration of milestones like births or anniversaries.

Stained Christmas Tree Ornaments

Stained glass ornaments are elegant Christmas tree decorations that reflect light and add sparkle. These DIY ornaments are a wonderful family craft that will get the kids involved with decorating the tree. The technique is simple and requires only a few supplies. These adorable faux stained-glass ornaments look amazing on your tree and make a great conversation piece for guests.


A bauble, also known as a Christmas bulb or ball, is a decorative item that can be blown, molded, carved, pressed, cast, or made using other techniques. They are traditionally used to decorate Christmas trees in homes and churches, and can be hung with other decorations like garlands and lights. Many families have longstanding traditions, and they collect ornaments that date back to generations.

This project is a great way to upgrade some wood ornaments that you already have. Use different colored paints diluted with water to create a stain effect on the ornaments. You can also use a rag and mineral spirits to wipe off any areas of raw wood that are still showing. To have extra shopping money for the holidays, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via

Another way to create a faux stained glass ornament is to use gallery glass paint to decorate clear glass ornaments. This paint is designed to replicate the look of real stained-glass and can be purchased at most craft shops. Start by tracing an outline on the clear glass ornament’s front using the leading paint. Fill in the outline with the window paint. Hang the ornament near a bright light once the paint has dried.

Felt Tree Ornaments

Crafters of all ages can make felt Christmas tree ornaments that add a festive touch. These handmade ornaments are perfect for adding a special touch to your holiday decor, whether you want to mimic the look of glass ornaments or decorate your tree with something rustic and unique.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try adding sequins and ribbon to your felt ornaments for added sparkle and texture. These embellishments also make the ornaments look more authentic and can even double as gifts for family and friends. You can add names and dates to the backs of ornaments to make them more personal. As the ornaments pass down through the generations, they will have more meaning and be treasured in the future.

These DIY ornaments can be made with a few felt scraps, and a few simple supplies. To start, cut two circles out of white felt using a Mason jar lid as a guide. Attach a piece of fabric to the top of the circles for a hanging loop. Glue on green and red felt pieces for the leaves of the holly. If you want, you can glue on additional decorations and detailing like wings or a mouth for the gingerbread man.

You can also make a decorative ornament from leftover felt. Use a paper-cutting tool or, if you have excellent handwriting, your own skills to write cute phrases on the ornaments. This way, the ornaments can serve as a creative reminder of loved ones or a fun activity to do with the kids. You can also use other colors and shapes of Felt to create a colorful assortment of handmade ornaments.

Twig Ornaments

If you’re looking for a fun, easy nature craft that’s also beautiful to use as an ornament on your Christmas tree, these rustic twig ornaments from Kitchen Counter Chronicles are a great option. It’s easy to make them, and kids can also get involved! You can glue the sticks together after a short walk in nature. Older kids can work on these projects independently if they’re comfortable using low temperature hot glue.

You’ll need five twigs of roughly the same size to create a rustic-style star. Start with a long twig and then add the smaller ones in a circle, gluing the twigs on. Once you have the five twigs in place, tie a piece of rustic thread around each of them to give the ornament some additional color and texture.

Bind the two ends together to secure everything. To do this, cut a small length of twine, knot the end tightly around the top edge of your twig shape and then tie that excess twine to the next shorter end you’re binding together. Continue to wrap the twine vertically and horizontally around the twigs, until all of the twigs have been securely bound together.

Add a ribbon or bow if you want to add something extra. You can even thread a piece through the center of the hole to make a unique hanger. This adorable ornament is perfect for adorning any gift or as a pretty holiday gift topper!

Mini Canvas Ornaments

These adorable mini canvas ornaments make a great craft for girls nights out or with children. You can even make them to give as gifts to grandmas. Remove the protective coverings on each mini canvas or board and paint a design! You can get as detailed as you want or just play around and be creative. You can either use traditional paintbrushes and paints, or paint markers to give you more control over the design.

Then, using the Sharpie black bonus pen with a fine tip, trace over the pencil lines to create a crisp outline. Fill it in with all the beautiful, bold Sharpie markers. If desired, hot glue a piece of ribbon to the back to hang your ornament.

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