Ordinary to Extraordinary with the Crown Jewel – Molding!

Our completed projects: crown molding, cabinet molding, mantle shelf and pullout spice cabinets! This took our kitchen from completely boring and ordinary to extraodinary!

I love molding – just adore it. It takes a plain box and makes it pretty.

So with the success and ease of adding molding to our plain cabinets, surely the ceilings can’t be that hard. I applied the same principle, except the top piece had a 9″ face. That made corners very difficult…for my husband :-) Oh, Lord, were the corners difficult!!

But the beauty of 12′ ceilings is that mistakes are impossible to see and caulk can do wonders! I became a master sculptor, sculpting caulk and putty to fix the corners where we didn’t get it just right.

Believe it or not, the only “good” piece or custom order is the top piece. Everything else was from Home Depot. The middle piece of wood isn’t even good wood – it’s pine! I just bought the longest boards and looked for pieces that had no/few knots. Paint, putty and caulk. Just make sure you paint and address any wood imperfections before the molding goes up!

Above, a close-up of the molding. The middle section is merely A flat pine board makes up the middle section and a small face molding is butted up to the bottom. The large face crown is attached to the top of the pine board.

A linear stretch of the molding.

A peek into our butler’s pantry, where the molding was also used for to preserve the line of vision.

ANYONE can add molding. Even with the most ornate molding, there are options where you don’t even have to use a saw, which we are going to do in our upstairs hallway – and I’m not talking corner blocks! Of course, I will post about it! But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

My next post will show some gorgeous colorful kitchens! Thank you so much for following along :-)

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