How To Make a Child-Size Table

With two little ones, the need for a child’s table was needed for many reasons, but came in handy for more occasions than I imagined when I made it…   It was a tea party’s table’s table for my toddler, keeping her occupied while I cleaned and vacuumed. She frequently opted for a more casual attire of cat ears and footie pajamas despite a rack of dressier clothes behind her 🙂   It periodically got ...

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Gifts for the Home: (Low-priced Lighting Options I Like)

My radar is always on for just about any product you can imagine. That’s why when I received an email asking for some low-priced lighting options, I had a couple of options handy that I think are lovely. And with the holiday season upon us, they also make thoughtful gifts priced at $25, $40 and $50, which is why I thought I would share my picks: Same product, different picture. I’m not sure ...

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Call Off the Search Party – I AM Alive ;-)

Where did the time go and where the heck have I been?!?!? With my little ones on winter vacation I took some time off  – and my blogging, which I normally do during at night, got interrupted by this debacle: Every. Single. Night!!! Now add one more dog at my feet…. and another one on the velvet sofa at the end of the bed, because obviously the floor is beneath him 😉 And…two cats creating havoc in my room. ...

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