Gifts for the Home: (Low-priced Lighting Options I Like)

My radar is always on for just about any product you can imagine. That’s why when I received an email asking for some low-priced lighting options, I had a couple of options handy that I think are lovely. And with the holiday season upon us, they also make thoughtful gifts priced at $25, $40 and $50, which is why I thought I would share my picks:

Same product, different picture. I’m not sure why the finish reads so different, but at $25 it doesn’t matter; it can easily be touched up with paint to suit your liking.

The shade is aqua, which is an accent color in one of my girls’ bedrooms, and at $40, the price makes it child-friendly! I KNOW my little girl would adore these on either side of her bed!!

These are available for purchase at… and you can also sign up to be on their email list and you will receive a $25 credit on a $75 purchase! But don’t forget to search for coupon codes because they may have some that combine free shipping with a discount, which could be more lucrative 🙂

House of piqué also has some nice pieces like the one below to complement the vibe of the room, they can help you to Buy Antiques in London, UK.


Now, I would love to receive any of these, but I am still in a complete quandary (as I am every year) as to what to give my mother-in-law! Sigh….

Have a wonderful day 🙂

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