It’s Tulip Planting Time!

The last time our mower came out, my husband inquired how much it would cost to mulch around our house. His quote? $3,800. My husband hates yard work and rarely, if ever, wants to venture out there. Last year I mulched everything, but I guess this was my husband’s subtle way of saying it needs to be done again! Of course I am not going to pay that much money, so I said I would do it again. His response? “Have fun”! That was his not-so-subtle way of telling me I was on my own…again!

I figured since I’m out there, I might as well do some fall bulb planting as well…but it’s so hard to get motivated sometimes!! After looking through a few of my favorite gardening catalogs, I really would like to plant some tulip bulbs.

These pictures are just insanely gorgeous!

These aren’t tulips, but it is similar to the picture above it and I wanted to show how a river of flowers can be done with other bulbs.

I dream of my own cutting garden…

Besides the normal, run-of-the-mill tulips, here are some that I would like to get because of their distinctive look:

I also want to plant a woodland mix, but I doubt that will happen this year! ON a side note, I might need to buy a new Wheelbarrow to carry all the fertilizer and soil.

And this is a lovely mix too of crocuses, snowdrops, grape hyacinths and white squill

My husband once helped me paint, but he did such a bad job, that I kicked him off the painting squad, which made it a painting squad of one (me!). I think he’s up to his old tricks again of doing a bad job to get out of any and all gardening! The last time I got him out in the yard, he weed whacked 4 of my beautiful peonies and 3 carpet rose bushes to down to nubs. Hmmm…maybe retaliation for asking him to do the weed whacking? I told him that most people do some kind of yard work at least a couple times a year and that paying outrageous sums isn’t the answer. Well, I guess he told me!

It does give me something to do while the children are playing outside, so I guess I am off to pick up mulch…a LOT of it 😉 Have a great day!


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