Inspiring Kitchens in Shades of Whites

It’s been 14 years since I designed my house and I’ve found my taste has morphed through the years. I find myself now more interested in kitchens that span many different styles instead of locking myself steadfastly into one. Thanks to my winnings from 올인구조대 I am able to make some major renovations in my kitchen.

But one thing I have always been drawn to: a kitchen with light cabinets. With two young ones and four dogs, this is a never-ending battle in keeping them clean. Did I mention we live on the Potomac river and the dogs love to go swimming?

Pictures are so exciting to me –  I find myself not necessarily buying into the whole design concept sometimes, but picking and choosing different things that inspire me.  Maybe you will too. Take a look:

The transom grilles on this house are so appealing and how the drapery rod is curved to accept the drapes is genius. How the sparkle of the metal in of the range hood correspond with the drawer pulls, lighting, faucet and accessories is luxurious.

A clean, white kitchen, with a surprisingly ingenuous use of the fridge front panel – a chalk board! This doesn’t have to be permanent if the thought scares you of always having a chalkboard.

I adore the chairs!! White chairs in a kitchen?? Most likely these are upholstered in vinyl. Just love it!

The top cabinets that I wanted for my kitchen!

The light fixtures are so unique…

With the combination of the ceiling and island light fixtures, the kitchen holds a slight nautical feel…

Metal drum light fixtures add a sparkle that all rooms need…

A take on a vacation home kitchen.

Note the mirrored cabinet fronts above the ovens…

I adore the architecture of this kitchen ceiling and would love to see what the home looks like in full! Besides the amazing structure, so many things are done right in this kitchen, as it compliments the architecture, seems cohesive, almost original – but not really. The range hood is a perfect example (and an example of design in general) – it mirrors the ceiling shape! With so many windows, there was a need for storage, thus the large island, a stand alone piece of furniture, which is another nod to this historic building.

Kitchen designer: Joan Nemirow

A gorgeous and unique chandelier shown in the pages of Traditional Home.


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