Gold for How Much???

When doing a post, I usually do a lot of research and work on multiple projects at one time, which is why it takes me so darn long to do one measly post! I also like to ponder my projects (I can’t tell you how many mistakes I would have made if I hadn’t thought about some of these for a long time!) and try out materials to make sure I’ve thought of everything possible.

In my research, I found a great bargain that I wanted you all to know about:  Krylon spray paint, which I think is wonderful for achieving a gold finish (in terms of paint), is available at Walmart for $3.67 for 12 ounces! Wha-wha-what??? I couldn’t believe it! Currently, Krylon isn’t carried at Home Depot; they sell Rustoleum, which sells for (if I remember correctly) $8/for 8 ounces, and I’m not sure if Lowes carries it.

I sprayed a (white primed) scrap piece of wood for you all to see and took some pictures:

Taken outside in full sunlight, it looks like a very bright gold.

Krylon has many, many shades of gold and the one I really, really wanted was “Krylon Metallics Gold Foil“, so if you see that shade, get that one. They didn’t have that, but they did have “Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold“, which I snapped up anyway, and all the pictures shown here are of Kryon’s Brilliant Gold.

You can see how the lighting in the room really changed the perception of the color. For my project, this worked. At this price, I recommend picking some up!

I am using it in a darker area, so it would probably show up more like this.

Here, I have held it up to a few old frames that I have. For my project the area is dark(er), so I do need a bright gold

Here, it’s held up to a true gold leaf frame. Krylon’s Brilliant Gold next to it shows a rose gold undertone, however the color could be tweaked with an undercoat of black (or other color) or using a glaze over top if desired.

What am I going to use it for? Custom-sized, do-it-yourself pictures frames (I will do a post on this) for a long, upstairs hallway that the children will be able to make large, framed masterpieces! Each child will get a side of the hallway and I will be able to change them out if needed. The little ones are thrilled and I need (can’t emphasis that enough!) some projects to capture and tap into their creativity this summer!

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up!

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