Courtney Cox’s Modern Malibu Manse

Courtney Cox recently moved from a house that she adored because it was level with a public beach and she couldn’t even go for a walk without pictures being taken. The home, designed by famed architect John Lautner, was “futuristic”, “modern” and, according to Cox, “the most amazing place I’ve ever lived in.” (See bottom for details on the house.) But, the silver-lining in all this is that she got to buy and renovate a new home!

According to Elle Decor, before becoming an actress, Courtney Cox wanted to become an architect. Hmm…that sounds familiar (Brad Pitt). Difference being, she actually took college courses in the architecture before pursuing acting. She has been very involved in every home and this project was no different. She held weekly, 3 hour meetings with the architect, Michael Kovac, who was referred by Laura Dern, and her designer (and friend), Trip Haenisch.

The team took this house, which they were not allowed to demolish:

and transformed it into this under Cox’s directive of a modern barn look and a short time frame. Want to look inside?

Her grey tone kitchen’s sitting room. (Sofa and armchairs by Haenisch, stools by Paul McCobb, Minotti cocktail table, floor lamp by Christain Liaigre, rug by the Rug Company and a Massimo Vitali photograph on the wall.)

Courtney color-coordinated with a Harland Miller painting. So cute!

How could you possibly go wrong with a view like this? Like I showed in Ellen Degeneres’ house (and my post, Black and White Bathrooms, Part 2), the window trim is black in Cox’s living room, which is very striking.

Since we have similar colored sofas, I bet those saturated-purple throws aren’t just for cuddling up on the (white!) sofa; they are wonderful for placing on the sofa seats when puppies or children are insistent on sleeping there!

(Haenisch designed the sectional, Cocktail table by Bourgeois Bohème, and chair by Hans Wegner.)

A Kent Williams’ painting above a simple étagère (for books and a lamp from Intérieurs) in the living room.

I do like that the designer added vintage barstools to the sleek kitchen.

Her serene master bedroom sitting room. (Matt Palmer painting, Hermès throw, rug from Rug Company.)

In her master bath, Cox displays art that her father did…in high school!! That does not speak to his talent; it speaks to her character.

Another view showing the shower with the onyx tiles.

Her bed is made of zinc and the bedside tables are of selenite.

The powder room walls are encased in white oak flooring.

With 2 acres, there are numerous structures on the property, one of which is a “screening” house that has its own galley kitchen, modeled after food trucks, and outside bar with stools covered in durable vinyl.

Here’s the inside of the galley kitchen.

She also has a “tennis” house (!!!) with appropriately whimsical words on the wall! (painting by Matthew Heller, chairs by Charles Pollock)

Another Harland Miller painting in her entry way.

Her master bedroom opens onto a terrace with a view of the pool and the Pacific Ocean.

A pergola made of teak and steel in her outdoor dining area.

Cox used a concrete table from a previous home with stools from Lebanon. (Gervasoni lounge chairs and a John Lautner designed concrete table.)

So that’s her new house. Below is a picture of her old house (the Lautner-designed house) that she bought it in 2001 for $11M…

…then listed it for $33.5M once she found her new home. Yes, the “M” stands for million! It does come with 80 feet of beachfront. I don’t know about you, but nothing like seeing someone reeling in a $20 million return on an investment to make me feel poor!

I saw a house that was 540 square feet that was meant to be a vacation home that was equally amazing. My point? In this case, size does not matter 😉 A home can be detailed, refined and beautifully appointed regardless of the square footage.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend 🙂

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