Canopy Beds Aren’t Just for Little Girls

Kids definitely shouldn’t have all the fun! Grown ups like to feel nestled, protected, and imaginative too, like we’re in a fort. So move over girls, we’re taking that image back from little girls and put it squarely where it rightfully belongs: with us adults! We’re not heartless though; we will give them some blankets to make their own tents 😉

The finish on this bed frame looks like an antique mirror and the details on the headboard are so attractive.

A sunburst mirror used to fill the wall space left by a low headboard.

The shape of this canopy top is gorgeous! In past pictures, we’ve seen pictures stacked in one row, but here two rows fill the space perfectly and with such a pale pallet gold is necessary for the pop and sparkle. Designed by Phoebe Howard.

Here’s the canopy from the inside, where the fabric is gathered to the center.

Elle Decor shows the trend of yellow and pink, albeit a toned down take on it.

Romantic bedrooms don’t need to be in high end homes. The soft canopy sheers puddling on the floor gives a nice juxtaposition to the exposed brick. The only addition I might make is the addition of the lights that were shown in the diy post I did here.

When I did the poll about what styles appeal to you, Asian was brought up in the comments, and the red and black give the feel. I have a sinking feeling the rug is not faux…ugh 😦

A peaked top adds an ethnic flair to a notched canopy trimmed in black. I like the night side tables and the artwork above them.

Industrial-chic with sheers hung from what looks like oxidizes plumbing parts. The color of the hardwood floor is very rich and a great contrast.

Refined, feminine elegance in a color combination that I adore! With a tailored canopy, a nice detail is having a different fabric on the inside.

Hard surfaces and a soft bed with what looks like mosquito netting that lowers.

Lovely molding in a bright, airy, sunlight room.  My dogs would keep this room white for all of 5 minutes 😉

My youngest is home today and tomorrow, since it’s parent/teacher conference days, so I’m sorry to be brief! I hope you liked the beds…happy Monday!!

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