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There were a couple of comments from my Pretty in Pink post, which showed my daughter’s room, regarding readers redoing their daughters’ rooms, so I thought maybe some pictures of additional children’s room may help.

Now, before everyone turns away that is not redoing a child’s room, keep in mind that all interior design photos can show something that can be used in a different application. For example, the first picture has things that would be great for a master bedroom!

Instead of lamps on either side of the bed, there are low-hanging chandeliers! This ingenious idea frees up room on the night side tables, which is especially important if space is at a premium. Now, how many people have the wiring for this though? No one! Luckily, there are plug in chandeliers and ways to address the cord so that it is not an issue.

The stacking of the pictures is also a beautiful feature of this room and would work not only in a master bedroom, but also above most pairs of side tables.

Blue and green isn’t just for boys anymore!

Have a child with a vibrant personality? Orange and pink is a new trend that may be something she likes.

How beautiful are these bed frames by Niermann Weeks? Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer designed this room. I’ve seen these exact beds in other pictures, as well as the duvet cover of Amijao linen by Raoul Textiles, although not together. This room really looks sharp.

Black and white as a base gives a myriad of options. You can change out the accent color and replace it with just about any other color! Here’s an example of yellow…

And orange.

If asked, and I’m frequently asked with two girls, I state that purple is my favorite color, although my favorite color depends on the application. I had really, really thought about a light whisper of lavender for the pink room I showed you, but was talked into pink by my little girl. It’s a shade that a girl can really grow with and will still think is “cool” as a teenager (I think).

But what drew me to this room was the bed treatment, as it’s easy to create, it’s a dramatic focal point and is a way to address a non-existent or small bed frame.

I selected this photo because this room looks intrinsic, not matchy-matchy, like the furniture was acquired from an attic (love!) and the quilt was made for the child. The knobs were changed out on the chest of drawers and it was painted the same color as the trim in the room to make it cohesive.

A blue, blue room. There are 6 patterns that I can see in this room, which is quite a bit, but because they are spaced with solid colors, it doesn’t look like too many patterns.

The fireplace looks like a faux one (I could be wrong), but I like that they also addressed and tied in the screen.

Homeowners Reed and Delphine Krakoff are a dynamic duo, as Delphine designed the daybed and Reed photographed the room. The adorable painted dresser is by Pierre Le-Tan and the club chair is by Jean Royère.

The feminine curves of the British colonial chairs upholstered in a vibrant yellow and a new blue on the window seat make for a lively combination. The white leather poufs are by Calypso Home. Designer Chris Kraig.

Taking a corner and making it a bidirectional daybed by installing cushioned headboards on both walls.

This bedroom could be construed as somber, so adding stars injects some much needed whimsy. With fishing line and cardboard 3-D stars, you can add these too. They can be painted as well with a punch of color or glow in the dark paint.

Very feminine with the wallpaper and headboard, showing that blue can be a great option, even for the girliest of girls.

A soothing room made by spa blue, an organic green and lots of white. Slip-covering furniture is a great option for kids’ rooms, especially with light hues. The hardwood floors are also painted, adding to the airiness of the room. If the room doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight, all these whites certainly keep it from looking too dark. I also like the wallpaper, which I used to be so scared of, but now appreciate.

Well, that’s it for now! Happy Monday everyone!!

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