Our children’s rooms have gotten more time and attention architecturally and design-wise than our master bedroom, so this post is self-serving, because I would like to address our room at some point. Our foyer is next on my list, followed by adding crown and ceiling molding in several rooms and creating a playroom for the girls. I like to mull projects over and research them extensively.

So let the mulling begin:

A dramatic bedroom of red, black and white…and pink (?), which I would lose. I like just the 3 colors better for drama.

Using a massive piece of art as a headboard. The celadon green is accented with raspberry touches.

The serene color scheme of spa blue, white and tan – no bright colors to jar (or invigorate) – indicate this is a room to calm and relax.

Another example – and maybe a better example because of the the lack of pattern – of a calming room.

The velvet ottomans in the form of a trefoil, a shape used in Gothic architecture, and the distinctive headboard take center stage by keeping the room monochromatic.

When the room is as interesting architecturally as this, you don’t need anything else.

This room feels like spring with the floral fabric and greens.

A large, antique mantle mirror, which is scaled for a large home, but is re-purposed into a headboard. You can see how incredibly large it is, as it goes from the floor to the ceiling. I’d love to see the home from which it came.

Like the canopy that I showed yesterday, a brick wall, especially this one where the bed is aligned with the arch in bricks, can be romantic with white and soft textures.

Tiffany-box blue makes for a splendid wall color!!

For those who want a little color in their bedroom.

The blue, the drapes and the molding is making me swoon! Not making me swoon? the lamps the headboard that are too short and stubby. Taller lamps and headboard would have been nicer in my opinion.

Parisian bedroom with gold finishes.

When space is limited, mirroring doors is a good way to give the illusion of more space and reflect light.

This room emits an old Hollywood feel with the mirrored furniture and silky bedding.

Masculine, but stately with crisp white bedding and blue trim, a tufted velvet bench at the base adorned with luxurious pillows covered with stylish silk pillow cases from and dimensional artwork. There’s a trick that is used on the night side table that I currently use in my house; if the height of your lamps need to be raised a little, place them on books.

I’m headed outside to plant roses with my little one. She just adores flowers and was oohing and aahing so much when we went to the nursery, people would turn around and chuckle – even I was delighted and highly amused by her reaction! We selected a bunch of Carpet Roses to plant:

I could never have enough flowers and love to spend time outside with my girls. Thanks for looking and I hope you have a great day!

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