Art Installation in Georgetown

In Georgetown, far away from Cambridge, Massachusetts, there is an institute of Harvard University called Dumbarton Oaks that is dedicated to promoting Byzantine, Garden and Landscape, and Pre-Columbian studies through fellowships, internships, meetings, and exhibitions.

When one thinks of Harvard, chicken wire and Swarovski crystals are the last things that comes to  mind. Enter Andy Cao (Loeb Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2010-11) and Xavier Perrot and their incredible creativity. They set up an art installation that is simple in execution, but nothing short of pure genius.

See for yourself:

Like a low storm cloud about to burst…

with plump, iridescent drops of rain.

Mist in the distance…

A vapor cloud of condensation hoovering above the pool.

Beautifully set against wisteria

How many crystals does it take to get this type of refraction in the sun? 10,000!

My synopsis? Love!! The dichotomy of such a rough, unrefined, rural material as chicken wire and such a highly polished, highly refractive and refined crystal isn’t apparent from a distance, but yet is just as appealing from a distance.

Source: and, photo credit: Stephen Jerrome

This can be done at home, but please be sure that birds can either not get in at all or that they can freely fly in and out!! Birds can get caught inside!

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