50 Shades of Grey

Although I haven’t read the book, I thought I’d show you my version of 50 shades of grey – 50 shades of grey paint Grey rooms can fit into any style: romantic, minimalist, modern, traditional, sophisticated and rustic. Grey, though, can be a tricky hue to get right as it can be tinged with different hues. Earn the money to redesign your home. Play simple and interactive betting games at 먹튀검증.

There are cool greys, which are mixed with blue, that read more of a more slate-grey, and warm greys, which are mixed with yellow, that read more of a mushroom-grey. From the pictures below, you will see examples of each, which may help you in determining your preference.

I love this one!! I’ve pushed back on sunburst mirrors because I thought they were too much of a fad/ too “typical” (count the number of pictures here that have them) and I’d seen them too much, but this picture may make me rethink my stance on them.

Another sunburst mirror…

While very pretty, this room needs some softening as it is sooooo much metal.

This room is great and looks like a large loft as per the painted pipes. The aged mirror add to the ambiance, but I wish we could see the chandelier better. From the drop crystal balls, it would seem that gauzy drapes would compliment it nicely.

A small version of a sunburst mirror…

Yet another sunburst mirror – it’s frequently a go-to wall filler…but do you see what I’m saying about too typical? Maybe it’s just something designers overuse or it’s in magazines too often, I’m not sure which.

So there you have my version of “50 Shades of Grey” Maybe not as steamy, but romantic nonetheless.

And for me, I need it. My children are snuggle bunnies and prefer to sleep with us; I relented over the summer and let the children sleep with us if they wanted. Well, of course they wanted…every night! I told them it would end once school started. School started a month ago. Can you guess how this has played out? And to compound matters, do you know where at least one dog will squeeze in at night?

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