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Faking Large Scale Molding

Molding can really make or break a house, but it can also make or break a budget. Unfortunately, I just can’t get enough of it! You may have noticed in a lot of the pictures of my house that I have ornate molding – but I also have areas where we installed simpler, linear molding. Let’s face it, the fancy-smancy stuff isn’t for everyone and it has to suit the ...

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My DIY Carpet Tiles

If you saw my post Pretty in Pink, you saw the the interior design I did for my daughter’s room, which included architectural details and carpet tiles that I made. Since our second floor is hardwood, when I started planning the design, I searched for rugs, but I couldn’t find whimsical rugs in the sizes that I needed for her bedroom and sitting room. This turned my search to carpet ties, which ...

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What is a Fire Hazard?

A fire hazard is an area where a fire could start and spread. These conditions can impact everyone. The impact of a fire can range greatly, depending on the type of organisation, its size, and the people in charge. This article will help you determine the best solutions. A fire danger assessment is usually a thorough evaluation of the fire risks in a building. These assessments are often required by law. ...

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