You Asked for It: Kitchens with Color!

I am so sorry this took so long!!! I wanted to offset the white kitchens I’ve shown with some colorful options, however, it was not an easy endeavor. I had a few, but I wanted to show a large range to cover everyone’s style….

I had imagined splashes of vibrant colors, but those were usually on the walls offsetting white cabinets. While I did find some with vibrant colors, I mostly found a trend towards dark “neutrals”: greys, taupes and blacks. Buttery yellow and creams were in abundance, but some were so light, that I really thought they belonged in the white category!

So, without further ado:

I think I’ve made no secret about my love for black and white flooring…coupled with black cabinets, it looks sharp! via John Jacob Interiors

This range is just crazy beautiful!!! The brass knobs, the matching hood, the rich, deep color! It’s a La Cornue range and the make them in just about every color. I’ll take one of each :-)

Pea green La Cornue cabinets…

and white. Believe it or not, all of these 3 pictures above were in the same kitchen! Talk about not afraid of color!! La Cornue cabinets are made of steel with baked enamel. Designers: Carey Maloney and Hermes Mallea.

Two large drum pendants hang with shades that are mirrored – fabulous!!!

A retro, turquoise blue kitchen – A mix of old and new – the light fixtures are from the 1960′s. They carried the blue into the cabinets and ceiling too….Designers: William Diamond and Anthony Baratta.

Ok, ok…a little bit of a cheat with the white cabinets but I wanted to show the dark forest green on the walls, which is an unusual choice, but paired with a black china cabinet trimmed in gold, it works!

Look at the legs of this island!!

Keri Russell’s kitchen

An industrial looking kitchen, but the round light fixtures offset the hard look….

You wouldn’t even know that there is a kitchen in here!!!

The glimpse of a sink is the only thing that gives it away!

Designer Kathy Smith used beige, gold, brown – colors that were played throughout the entire house. Via House Beautiful

LOVE this!!! A soft grey with mirrored cabinets…TWO tables, serving as islands (movable – how handy!!)!! Offsetting the elegant color, which could be boring or somber, stainless steel and chrome to give it shine and lighten it up.

Johnathon Adler used green to liven up the white kitchen and stocked the shelves with his line of pottery, an solution that any homeowner wishing to change their color scheme can do… Via House Beautiful

A sleek, modern kitchen…

A traditional kitchen – maybe should be in the white category – but has creamy cabinets that are taken up to the walls.

Kay Douglass opts for a sophisticated grey-green kitchen and an untreated cypress ceiling. With such a somber color choice, having shine and reflective objects is key.

Designer Marshall Watson, who took into account durability and the corrosion factor of salt air, gave the kitchen in this beach house a nautical theme with blue and white.

A kitchen with an antique Tuscan feel designed by Fern Santini using a traditional weathered sage green and sunset yellows with waxed wooden beams on the ceiling.

An ingenious, space-saving solution to an eat-in kitchen. Designed by Kevin Ritter, who made all the cabinetry and furniture!

Nancy Boszhardt  designed this kitchen with wide planked floors and a La Cornue range.

Designer Jay Jeffers paneled the kitchen, including the dishwasher and refrigerator, and added red accents for contrast. Jay Jeffers said, “Paneling makes a kitchen feel more like a real room than strictly a work space.”

An unmovable 4-by-4-foot column with electrical wiring and plumbing stands in the middle of the kitchen, so designer Sandra Bird built it into four areas: a cooking area with the range, a buffet for the table, a desk, and then a baking area in back.

I hoped you enjoyed these fantasy kitchens and, if so, will consider following my blog! Thank you!!

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