Wild for Wisteria

Having a stone house, Virginia creeper love throwing their tendrils up the side of my house. My mother said it’s not good for the house and will weaken the mortar and thus the stonework, but the mourning doves love nesting on the window sills with the leaves as cover, so I let the vines run up to a certain point. Plus, they turn a spectacular red in the fall.


The only thing that is lacking is flowers, so I decided a few years ago to plant wisteria in the back of of house to crawl up our balcony.

My youngest is the bane of my green thumb as she likes to pluck the blooms, although I can see why; they are gorgeous!

They are very fast growing and prolific bloomers if you are good about pruning.

Here are wisteria trees and no structure is needed to support them.

The colors can vary from pink,

Just a magical tunnel!

Other homes have used wisteria…

A gardener’s cottage

I would love to have a my yard looking like this!!

And a secret garden hidden by waves of wisteria, although I’d prefer the color to be more intense as this seems a little washed out.

These are so plump that they look like bunches of grapes! I’ve seen pictures of forests in England where bluebells (similar in color) carpet the forest’s floor, which also make me swoon, and I think it happens naturally!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the lavender eye candy 🙂

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