Tuesday Trivia Answers

Thank you for participating! Difficult, wasn’t it?? I could have selected names randomly and scored better than if I had tried to take the poll!!

Cher‘s disguised kitchen. I thought her kitchen would be somehow grander – I really like the fact that it’s not.

Hank Azaria‘s kitchen.

Lady Gaga! Seriously?!?!? Located in Bel Air, California. Her costumes and clothing would lead me to believe that her personal space would reflect that style as well.

Lance Armstrong

Gerard Butler‘s kitchen…in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood!?!?!

Elton John and David Furnish’s LA condo. I thought Elton’s kitchen would be huge and, to be sneaky, I had to throw this one in as bait for Lady Gaga 😉

Katy Perry

Neil Patrick Harris in a very normal, suburban neighborhood in Studio City, California.

Someone is NOT afraid of color and patterns! And that someone is Diane Keaton (and her designer, Stephen Shadley). Diane Keaton…really??? She flips houses often, so gets to live in many different kitchens and “try on” different styles with her houses.

I hope you enjoyed the game  🙂

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