Traditional English Garden Design

In Greenwich, Connecticut, there is a private Tudor estate, Old Mill Farm, designed by architect Charles Lewis Bowman in 1926, that has timeless landscaping complete with secret gardens, rustic outdoor table and furniture, a hedge maze, old stone walls and iron gates.

Entrance with reflecting pool

I love purple and think it lends itself well to stone structures and walls.

Staddle stones mark the entrance into into a garden “room” you might want to look for outdoor daybeds online because it would be perfect.

London plane trees with exfoliating bark surrounded by boxwood (what variation, I’m not sure).

A large armillary most likely atop a pedestal. I would love to have one 🙂

Limestone arched portico…so gorgeous!

Huh! Reminiscent of my Wild for Wisteria post!

A birdhouse befitting the property! Just adore it and really, really, really want one!

‘New Dawn’ roses climb the arbor, while spent petals carpet the grass, making for an exquisite pathway.

OK, this is crazy cool and has an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ vibe!

Even new structures, like the tennis court, keep with the architecture.

Couldn’t you just wonder these grounds forever?The historic nature of the house is not what gave us access to these grounds; Mel Gibson used to own this 75 acre property with his now ex-wife that sold for $24 million in 2010, which helped give us a thorough look due to the MLS pictures, Forbes, a spread in Veranda and Google Earth!

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