Sweet Nurseries for Sweet Baby Girls

Having a baby is hard enough; add tackling a nursery to mix and it can become overwhelming! There is so much pressure put on this one room – and the mother. When I was pregnant with my first child, I scoured magazines and the Internet for inspiration, but found it difficult to find rooms that I liked and a time consuming endeavor.

I’m hoping that these pictures will save mothers the aggravation and provide some inspiration for them.

White and luxurious with the mirrored furniture. The monogram can be made on your computer and framed!

Great treatment for the window arrangement! The colors are feminine and a combination that is increasing in frequency, yet different and not the stereotypical shades, and the chair is unique.

Pink and orange is a combo that is being explored as of late and is very visually interesting.

Note the pattern on the floor and the ceiling. Such vibrant, happy colors! The unusual crib ends could be made and put on an existing crib. If interested in this, please let me know and I’ll explain the process.

When a medium-dark wall color meets a white ceiling, it really highlights the fact that there is no molding there!

I love round cribs and had one for my children. I still have it up and use it to store stuffed animals 🙂 Make sure that everything is to scale – in this case, the light fixture is too small.

If going with a single shade palette, make sure that there are things that are texturally interesting, like this chandelier, mirror and rug, but also with architectural details.

Very interesting room! I do think the wall and ceiling color draws attention to the fact that this room is devoid of any crown molding.

Love that they painted the ceiling! Too often this is overlooked. The baseboard is also a great scale (some are too dinky for the ceiling height) and that they have added crown molding.

Trefoil pattern repeat in mirrors and wallpaper.

I just never get tired of stripes! To me, they look very sharp!

A word of caution: if doing multiple patterns in a room, make sure to space them out and/or sandwich them between solid colors. It can get a little dicey otherwise (note the crib sheet and skirt) unless you have a very keen eye.

I’ll do a separate one for boys and another one for multiples 🙂 Looking at these almost makes me want to have another….almost, but not quite! 😉

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