Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Not having any boys, it would take a lot of thought for me to design a boy’s room, but I have at least two readers that I know of who have three boys! So after spending a little time on girls’ rooms, I wanted to give the boys some attention too.

I’ve selected pictures ranging from rooms from whimsical to classic. But first, my dream room:

This room is beyond luxurious! The dark, moody walls, the rich leather headboard with nail head trim and shiny brass lamp and clock exude a classic, rich look. Although this room is very high-end, there are ways to emulate the look without spending the thousands that were here. I also incorporated some sports vibe, which I thought of when I was playing some betting games at

This would also make a beautiful, masculine guest bedroom or master for a bachelor.

Of course I love the paneling in this room; every room needs architectural details! This room looks crisp and the shade of blue on the walls is to die for! The negative image prints are so unusual – an amorphous jellyfish given a translucent form and sand dollars. If you look at the design on the European shams, they hint to the sand dollars. Repeating shapes and patterns aid in a cohesive design.

Blue and gold always strike me as a regale combination. This room gives a nod to the nautical with the round mirror, suggesting a porthole, hung with rope without going full board – or, per the theme, should I say overboard 😉

The chevron pattern is something that is very hot right now as well, but it was kept to small pieces, which I highly suggest with trendy items, as they can fall out of favor and date a space. You do not want to be in the position of having to spend a lot of money to swap out large pieces or live with an outdated room.

You can also update a room easily with these small touches to inject a sense of newness, which keeps you on top of current styles without breaking the bank.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I paint the insides of all of our closets; this illustrates why perfectly! Paint it a coordinating color, which gives an unexpected pop when the door isn’t closed.

This room too has a couple of seafaring touches – the ship’s wheel and mobile.

Sharing a room doesn’t mean that the style has to suffer and their individuality can still be addressed. Subtle differences in the duvet covers and artwork that expresses their interest is a good way to make each child feel individually represented.

The strengths (to me) are the wall color, the chandelier, the artwork and the chest of drawers, but personally, I think a better selection could have been made on the rug and headboard fabric. And why not put up some molding 😉

The nautical theme seems to be a perennial favorite…and the bed is adorable, but “form should follow function”. The night stand is small and the table is large. Make sure there is ample room on the night stand and a wide enough path to the bathroom with no toe-stubbers, like the anchor on the floor.

And for a toddler, hanging colorful flags gives them visual stimulation.

The desk looks similar to a captain’s desk, where maps would be studied, entries would be made in the log and courses would be charted. The stripes on the wall add to the masculinity, as the walls look like a man’s dress shirt.

An older child’s version of the blue, red and white color scheme by taking the blue to a blue-black.

The headboard is slip-covered, which gives weight and color to it, and the four frames are mounted on the wall together creating a focal point and, in a way, a large piece.

A divine room to stimulate intellectual curiosity with wooden boxes, brass navigational aides (antique or reproduction), a map chest, a telescope and art.

A nice reprieve from the normal color combinations. Instead of crown molding, a strip of panel molding was placed about a foot down and painted an accent color.

Have a great Friday!!

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