Smart Little Laundry Rooms

A small space takes above average creativity. With a large space, things can be put in willy-nilly and without much thought. That is just not the case if you live in a city or a smaller and/or older home. The placement of a washer and dryer is one of those things that takes some thought. A laundry room just may not exist, so it’s going to have to be tucked in somewhere…and addressed aesthetically.

How gorgeous is this? The tile floor, the wallpaper, the molding, the side panels that are hiding…??? Of course laundry supplies, but how great would laundry bins be too? It appears that this was fitted into an awkward space (with the ceiling slanting in on one side) that would have been unused if not for this brilliant concept.

In a kitchen, a washer and dryer can be placed behind faux panels so that they blend seamlessly in with your cabinets.

Or they can be off to the side. Here a pocket door can be closed to disguise the “room”.

Smart shelving, planned knowing how and what is going to be stored and the dimensions, make the most of a space and going up as high as possible allow for extra linens, towels, cleaning products and toiletries.

Removing the doors of a closet and trimming it out with molding is a creative option for a laundry nook… although I would have beefed up the washer and dryer surround; it just looks a little out of scale, like a board was put in between and then on top.

(I think the top shelf looks a little messy. If it’s open, it’s best to come up with a storage plan to prevent clutter.) I think the paper lantern is sweet idea too.

I am by no means advocating the pepto-pink, but placed in a closet, the door can also be used to store supplies like shown here.

I have talked before about painting the insides of closets and I love to paint them a coordinating, but different, color. It’s just a little unexpected delight for the eye 🙂

Open the curtain and you have a laundry room! It even looks like a room, despite its diminutive size with its clock and light fixture. Close the curtain, bye-bye laundry pile that’s staring you down.

A craft and wrapping center….and a laundry room. Maybe a hamper is in the middle?

This is so, so lovely!! Having a smaller space, you sometimes need to double-duty the space; this could be a sunroom, breakfast nook, potting area, mudroom…and laundry room! A mirror was placed above the sink to bounce light and the view!

I was going to save this for my big laundry room post, but it was so wonderfully integrated into a mudroom, I thought I should put it here to show another example of doubling up on spaces. Still, I do realize it is a large space!

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I don’t know where this is in the house, but it is so meticulous, that it is out in the open.

A laundry room in the stair landing/hallway with panel doors to disguise the set-up.

Fitting cabinets around windows maximizes what would have been dead wall space and hides ugly laundry necessities.

A true little laundry nook.

A laundry room can translate into any style. And the shelf with the glass jars is a chic option for scooping detergent instead of ugly boxes.

A laundry room can translate into any style. And the shelf with the glass jars is a chic option for scooping detergent instead of ugly boxes.

Again, nowhere to go but up.

From my favorite show, “Big Bang Theory” 🙂 for those with OCD tendencies or serious organization skills.

Liquid laundry detergent put into a beverage dispenser shows an eye for detail and style.

One thing to mention: most beverage dispensers (even some pricey ones) come with plastic spouts, even though they look like metal. Regardless of the price, it makes them feel cheap. If you find one you like, you can inexpensively buy a metal spigot online for a dollar or two and pop out the old one and put in the good one.

With limited floor space, go up. Build under the washer and dry and place them on a platform with room for laundry baskets underneath.

Running a dryer uses a lot of electricity, so air dry when you can to save on your bill. A retractable drying rack can pull out when you need it and push back when you don’t.

When you put your mind to it, usually a small space can rival – or surpass – any large space. Once I get through the mountain of clothes in my laundry room, I will show you what I did in there. Right now, it’s a mess! Sigh…how two children can create such havoc is beyond me!

I hope you liked the pictures and have a great day 🙂


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