More Kitchen Inspiration in Whites and Creams

Following up to my previous post on drool-worthy, dream kitchens, here are more kitchen designs in white/light shades meant to inspire.

Although lovely, they are without a doubt exorbitantly expensive, but all the features aren’t. Sometimes switching out a light fixture, faucet, paint, accessories and/or cushions can breathe new life into a kitchen.

Just stunning! Why? Because it’s different. A new, fresh take on the standard island and cabinet front…

A beautiful chandelier, brackets (an easy add for anyone!!) added under cabinets and an interesting floor. via Houzz

Mixing modern elements (here a funky chandelier) in a traditional kitchen. But what I love about this kitchen are the iridescent tiles taken up to the ceiling to add more luster. (The iridescence doesn’t show up too well in a photo).

The panels in the pantry door were painted with chalk board paint, available at most home improvement stores. Although so organized and lovely, this pantry is just for show – just look at all the bottles and jars with no labels!!

The above cabinets I love. Sometimes I really regret my decision of not adding them to my kitchen! I could add them, but that would mean prying up all the crown molding we did on top of the cabinets and I’m not at that level of regret…yet! And to keep the air ducts clean, I have Superior Cleaning Air Duct Cleaning on speed dial!

A galley kitchen is made to appear larger by using glass front cabinets. Personally, I am not a fan of ceilings painted with a gloss or semi-gloss paint, but that’s just me! Via House Beautiful

Adding color to the ceiling beams to highlight the architectural detail.

A great use of space by adding bench seating with the island used as the seat backs.

A sophisticated take on a white kitchen by offseting the austere, white marble and cabinets with dark floors and tables (probably cocktail height, used as islands).

A large table used as an island…

The infusion of dark wood to offset the white cabinets. Note the formal dining table and chairs used with a bench set in the eat-in portion of the kitchen to continue the formal feel of the kitchen. The pendent lighting is gorgeous, lined up symmetrically with the island.

Another notable feature of this kitchen: the built-in hutch has mirrored fronts, which is a wonderful way to give the feel and openness of glass front cabinets, but they reflect more light when lined up across from a window or a light fixture – this one was lined up with both.

I’m still looking for delft (white and blue) tiles for our kitchen. Although too pale for the color scheme I have, I do adore these tiles, so someone, please use them!

Modern light fixtures with some sparkle. I’ve seen these fixtures priced very high at Horchow, but then seen identical ones for much, much less. It pays to shop around.

A whisper of green is painted on the cupboards and an exposed brick background plus a lantern with an aged patina add to the look.

With kitchens now being the center of activity, even when hosting parties, there is a trend to make the kitchens more formal. Using dark wood, crystal chandeliers with the white add to the ambiance. Open shelving in a formal kitchen (although pretty because they are staged), would be extremely difficult to have them looking good at all times.

This is a *lot* of white marble, especially with the flooring, but I like the baskets in the island and the sparkling pots above. Some cream, pale celadon green or tan rugs would soften the space as there are too many hard surfaces.

When I imagine a French pied-à-terre, this is what I envision! This is a perfect example of how even a small space can be absolutely luxurious! Using a cream throughout keeps the space airy and open feeling, because colors would chop up a room this small. Also notice the mirrored door to reflect light.

Finding an apartment with a working fireplace is beyond rare, but in older buildings there are non-functioning ones. This is a bonus – you get the beauty of the mantle and an opportunity to use the space. Here, a cupboard was made to probably house a TV. With small spaces, every inch needs to be utilized to the fullest.

Continuing hardwood flooring into the kitchen keeps the continuity of the first floor and the dark stain gives a nice contrast to the white. Via Home-Designing

A warmer, medium stain on the floors is repeated on the chairs. Here, they trimmed out the stove with flat molding for a mantle feel. I would have added pullout spice cabinets and a shelf, as they had space that could have been used for storage. Instead, it is unusable. Via Atticmag

Notice the design on the island top. Via Beverly Ellsley

Sometimes just the smallest detail can make a kitchen so appealing. Taking a curved cut of the countertop material and placing it behind the sink is something I’ve never seen before. The black pops against the white tile and makes the kitchen memorable. Via Inspired Design

I love brass and they extended the brass to the range hood.

The molding looks very rich and detailed despite being very linear. The painted chairs would be an easy DIY project even for the most timid of DIYers. Craigslist, estate sales, yard sales, etc. are all good places to pick up cheap chairs (and tables for that matter). To redo them:

  1. Unscrew the cushion from the bottom
  2. Sand the wood frame
  3. Prime and paint the chair
  4. Stretch new fabric over the cushions
  5. Using a staple gun, staple the fabric to bottom of the cushion making sure to pull fabric taunt and not having an wrinkles
  6. Screw the pads back on – you can even hot glue trim around the pads

Voilà! New chairs!! Via Between You and Me

Another traditional kitchen with a modern light fixture. Hardwood flooring (softened by a rug) in the kitchen makes the room seem part of the first floor as opposed to chopped off from it. I also like the addition of a rug.

In my kitchen, I use outdoor rugs. With so many selections and ornate patterns, outdoor rugs are pretty enough to be used inside. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hose mine off from spaghetti sauce, which would ruin most rugs. Mine look brand new after 5 years, 2 kids and 4 dogs! Via Miles Redd Love

A slate floor gives the feel that the room is old, which is also represented in the cabinets, and sinks. I am dying to put drapes on either side of our French door, but that will probably have to wait until my children get a little older. I just discovered “art” that my youngest drew in our pantry. When painting, I used the washable paint, but crayons just don’t come off that easily! Via Miles Redd Love

The range hood here is an easy DIY project…

I selected this photo because I thought the side panel on the island was interesting, but also because I really like the feet (although a little hard to see in this photo) on the cabinets. It gives more of a “furniture” feel to a kitchen and is an easy add. I am going to add feet to my kitchen cabinets once I find the time! There are so many selections on line for cabinet feet – rounded, square, thick, thin, dainty, chunky, ball and claw and even brackets – just make sure to measure your space from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet, as these feet vary in height.

The ceiling treatment, which is extended into the family room, is also a handsome and interesting addition.

With a white-white kitchen like this, I would infuse some color – whether pale or bold – just to add some visual interest, because if you take away the flowers, this kitchen looks a little too sterile.

A black and white tile set on the diagonal is classic, regardless of the room, and will withstand the test of time.

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