Faking Large Scale Molding

Molding can really make or break a house, but it can also make or break a budget. Unfortunately, I just can’t get enough of it! You may have noticed in a lot of the pictures of my house that I have ornate molding – but I also have areas where we installed simpler, linear molding. Let’s face it, the fancy-smancy stuff isn’t for everyone and it has to suit the ...

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What To Do for a Child’s December Birthday Party

If you have a child that is born in December, celebrating with a party can be quite a challenge. Before I had children, one of my friends told me that children’s parties were very “competitive” these days, which at the time struck me as odd and I thought that he may be exaggerating. Nope. He was right … or maybe it’s just here. My children are invited to parties with ...

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Survival Gear: A Must-Have For The Wilderness

If you are ever lost in the wild, survival gear from is essential. These products will help to survive the elements, stay hydrated, find food and get back home. It's important that you prioritize your survival gear and only purchase what you actually need. Some items may be considered overkill, while others are essential to a successful trip. Water Water makes up 60-75% of our body weight and a loss of just ...

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