DIY $1 Nutcracker Ornaments

Ornaments can be crazy expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a skimpy tree or a tree full of balls; it just means you need to have your eyes open. The Dollar Tree has adorable 8″ nutcrackers for $1 that I have made into ornaments that look gorgeous on my nine foot tree. And if the stigma of something from a Dollar Store gives you pause, bear in ...

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A New Rug: Men, Kids, Dogs and Nice Things Don’t Mix

Good news: after the kids and our German Shepherd dogs did all the damage they could to our family room area rug, we got a new one! After I did the post Fifty Shades of Grey, I inspired myself. There are two rooms on our first floor that could use my attention, but our family room really needed a new rug asap! The nice thing about grey is that it is ...

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Call Off the Search Party – I AM Alive ;-)

Where did the time go and where the heck have I been?!?!? With my little ones on winter vacation I took some time off  – and my blogging, which I normally do during at night, got interrupted by this debacle: Every. Single. Night!!! Now add one more dog at my feet…. and another one on the velvet sofa at the end of the bed, because obviously the floor is beneath him 😉 And…two cats creating havoc in my room. ...

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