DIY Custom Bathroom Sink Cabinet

I’ve posted before about bathrooms and pointed out some high-end vanities, briefly mentioning that you can make your own bathroom sink cabinets, so I thought it was time to delve into it further. 

I wanted to show you what I did for our downstairs powder room that was inexpensive, yet custom, and can be done in any style to suit your taste and budget. Almost any dresser, table or chest can be converted and fitted with a sink and faucet.

Here’s what I did:

DIY Bathroom sink vanity / cabinet

When I explained to our workmen what I wanted to do, they understood the concept, but balked when I showed them the piece of furniture. They asked me many times if I was sure I really wanted to do this; they used words like, “destroy” and “wreck” and “irreversible” and “damage”. But, I was determined and I’m glad I did it.

Here’s what they didn’t know: since I had to select every single thing for our house, I had looked at a lot vanities and cabinets, but at that time, everything looked either very pedestrian or cheap with a very high price tag. Neither was an option. So I took matters into my own hands and looked at auctions and estate sales. Although I couldn’t devote nearly as much time as I would have liked, I found a chest with a marble top that I thought was a good option (considering my time constraints) that I scored for $200 or $400… I can’t remember which since it was a while ago, but it was a fraction of the price of bathroom cabinets on the market.

Once I had the chest, I selected the faucet, which I based upon repeating the beading that I had from the door knobs I had selected for continuity in the house.

For the top, it was just a matter of drilling/cutting the holes for the faucet and the sink, which comes with a template. I did not do this and would recommend having a professional do this for you.

Then you have to fit the chest around the plumbing, very similar to normal bathroom cabinetry. And if you happen to damage pipes during the process, you can always call plumbing toronto. There are two drawers to my cabinet. The top one had to be nailed shut since the sink was going to be dropped into it. The workmen wanted to nail the second one shut too to accommodate the pipes, but I thought there was a way to salvage some space. I’m a HUGEfan of making space where ever possible!

After thinking long and hard, I thought we could do a “bump in” on the drawer, which worked and I would have have drawer space for the necessities of the powder room.

I had them cut into the second drawer and carve out the space around the pipes. It worked perfectly!

There are so many variations that can work and what I like about making your own is the uniqueness of the item. By visiting antique stores, Craigslist, eBay and estate and garage sales, you can procure the shell you need to make a bathroom cabinet that will fit your needs, style and budget. Plus, you won’t walk into someone else’s home and see it!

I hope you like my DIY bathroom cabinet. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, I hope you will take a moment to do so. Have a great day!

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