Dining Room

Designer’s Apartment Filled with DIY Inspiration

Interior designer Kelee Katillac and her partner, architectural interior designer Steve Heiffus, recently collaborated on a 1915 apartment that showcased and married their skills. It seemed that the project was a success and both were happy with the result, which is good, because they are more than just partners – they are husband and wife – and they live in this apartment! I wanted to show you this apartment because it ...

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Designer Rooms: A Peach Dining Room and a Tiffany Blue Boudoir

Good news and bad news. Good news is I have a new favorite paint color: a pinkish peach. It is delish. The bad news? I was looking for a cool color! I realized I have a lot of warm colors in our house, so I think I need to change a room or two on our first floor. But peach…it’s just scrumptious! On Friday, I did a post on part of interior ...

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Patterned Stained Floors

I think I have a DIY ADD (Do-It-Yourself Attention & Daylight Deficient). There are only so many hours in the Week month that I can work on house projects, but my mind is running constantly – and there are SO many projects and rooms that I want to do … with the list growing 😉 (Plus, I’m not one to pull the trigger unless I’ve thoroughly researched the possibilities.) You may remember ...

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