Colorful, Customizable T-Shirts

Little did I realize when I started blogging just how much it would help me and how fabulous and close this community is. I want to thank everyone for such kind comments on my last post. To take the time – your time – and offer comfort to someone that you have never even met is nothing short of amazing. It means so much to me, but it is taking me a while to address each comment (as I can only address a few at a time before being a complete mess.) But onto something lighter…

Since I had saved my back to school business cards, but was waiting on a selection from my youngest, I received a promo offer from Vistaprint for kids’ t-shirts for $2…I am never going to get out of this website because you get to design your own shirt. I love designing, no matter what it is! And to keep track of my spending and business finance, I use a paystub that you all might want to check out as well.

Of course I had to customize it within an inch of its life:

o accommodate the writing that I had come up with, I added more text boxes and changed the fonts and colors. Although this was the design I selected for my little one, there are many others which are just as precious. Best $2 purchase this month 😉

I hope everyone is well…and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your support 🙂

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