All I Need Is 8 Fewer Eyes and 4 Head(er)s

My pilaster project is coming along nicely and all that is missing is the header. Our local home improvement store discontinued a whole line of molding that I really liked, which really put a damper on things!

Oh, well. It just gives me more time to ponder the project. My process is to sit on the floor and stare at the space, the project at hand, current features (molding, architectural details, lighting) and feel of the space with some of my favorite books of historic homes (if needed) for architectural reference. I put the books that I find most valuable on the right side of my blog.

Plus, this is one of four – yes, FOUR – doorways we are doing with this treatment, so there is p-l-e-n-t-y of work to do until I figure out the headers! I only ordered one column, one cap and one piece of ornate molding to make sure everything worked before investing too much money in it, so now I can go ahead and order the remaining columns and caps and install them.

And, when Mommy works, creatures relentlessly follow. This is what I have to deal with in terms of distractions:

Who can work under such conditions? I made the rooky mistake of sitting on the floor to cope out the molding, which is an open invitation…to everyone! The cuteness of all these faces is completely distracting and don’t get me started on those eyes! But I digress…

I still need to paint…

…and clean up the mess I made!!! It WILL be worth it!

I’m not sure when I will find just the right molding for the header, but once I do, I will post complete instructions on how to create these pilasters. Although mine are ornate, there are many options for the caps, columns and molding, which I’ll show you with the directions

I hope you like what I’ve done so far 🙂 Have a great day!

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